The New Art Of
Tubing and Storage

& More Money 4 You

Tubes Alive

Why marketplace?
On the one hand it is a place for people to get exactly the products they are looking for. On the other hand it is a place where discontinued products are offered which still have a value to other customers.

On the Tubes Alive marketplace businesses habe the opportunity to think about pipe-storage, rental, management and logistics in a different way.

Your Marketplace for ...

Efficient pipe storage
Efficient pipe storage
Rental and Marketing service
Rental and Marketing service
Resources management
Resources management
Intelligent Logistics
Intelligent Logistics
Contractors Network
Contractors Network

Efficient pipe storage

Store your material easily at ours:
Because we can store efficiently, the price for the required storage space is well below average. This means that all your material is stored in a central place at all times and can be moved to any destination you like, through our logistics concept. Furthermore we make sure, that your material will be kept in good condition at all times.

Rental and Marketing service

Unused material is in the best of hands with us (or yours). On the Tubesalive marketplace it is possible to use your redundant materials in many different ways. For example: we can rent or sell them on your behalf to any interested parties. This way, there is a stable and best possible usage guaranteed for your equipment. Your material is earning money for you. As mentioned: ,,More money 4 you”!

Resources management

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come" – Viktor Hugo

The central topic of Tubesalive is: To save money for you.
The unique idea of this: We see ourselves as your concierge

Here we create a virtual market place.

  • Here you will find required material
  • Here you save storage space
  • Here you earn money
  • Here you sell
  • Here your projects begin or end
  • Here you optimize your materials management
  • Here you rent or rent out

Tubesalive is giving you the possibility to optimize the use of your resources.
Don´t waste time and get started!

Intelligent Logistics

Our specialized Partners and own trucks at Tubesalive will make it possible to take your goods to any place you like. This can be a specific location or the transport to one of our partners to refurbish your goods, so they are perfect for the next time of usage.

Contractors Network

We offer years of experience in cooperation with our partners and specialized industries:

  • Oil- and gas industry
  • Geothermal energy
  • Iron- and steel trade
  • Cavern construction
  • Pipeline construction
  • Drilling business
  • Pipe construction
  • and much more

Whether it is the optimal storage, processing, refurbishing, repairing or inspecting of your goods – Tubesalive is your person to contact

We have solutions for

  • Too much or too less stacking ground
    • Unneeded and cost-intensive own stacking grounds
    • Storage regardless of the weather
    • Long storage times
  • Temporary stacking grounds without maturity bond
  • Stocking your material ready to rig
  • Stocking with a good transport connection
  • Exact logistics for your requirements
  • Project managment and project preparation
  • Preparing a stock of fully available equipment
  • Staff
  • Costs of maintenance processes
  • Cooperation with partners for maintenance
    • Cleaning of NORM-equipment
    • Cleaning of mercury equipment
  • Creating savings and raise liquidity for you
  • Efficient materials administration
    • Rent, commercialization and recycling
    • Full cost control
Our customers are from different business areas:
tube construction
geothermal energy
pipeline construction
cavern construction
oil and gas industry
iron and steel trade
drilling enterprises

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